5 Must Do in Harry Potter Park Universal Studios Japan [Travel]

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5 Must Do in Harry Potter Park Universal Studios Japan [Travel]
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Undeniably one of the most successful media franchise in the world is Harry Potter. The franchise started when J.K. Rowling published the first novel in 1997. The boy wizard has spread his magic not only to children, but also adults across all age. With recent release of Fantastic Beasts Movies, the franchise won’t likely be forgotten soon. Instead it brings excitement to next level with the opening of Harry Potter theme park in 2010. The first park was set in Universal Studios Orlando, branded with “The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. The immense popularity of the theme park brings it to other Universal Studios namely Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan.

Being the only Harry Potter Theme Park outside the United States, Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Univeral Studios Japan quickly garners massive popularity all over Asia. As a result, the place becomes mecca among those avid fans of Harry Potter. Here are the 5 things you can do in The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan!

1. Visit places seen in the movie

Universal Studios Japan
Hogwarts Castle (Image source: Befree Tour)

The magnificent Hogwarts Castle welcomes you to the world of magic! You will be surprised at how identical this massive-scale-model of the magic school with the one shown in the movie. Other iconic sets and items are Hagrid’s Hut, the Weasley family’s enchanted Ford Anglia and Hogsmeade Station, complete with model of Hogwarts Express locomotor. Inside the castle you could visits indoor sets such as the Gryffindor common room, Dumbledore’s Office and Hogwarts’ classrooms. Another popular set is Hogsmeade Village where you can spot many shops like Three Broomsticks, Zonko Joke Shop and Honeydukes.


2. Ride Harry Potter inspired attractions

Harry Potter and The Flight of The Hippogriff (Image source: Daily Gazette)

While exploring Hogwarts, you can try two attractions that available in the park. First, Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey will take you for 3D magical adventure of quidditch match and experience fighting the dementors. After that we can try riding a roller coaster modeled after Hippogriff, a magical creatures in the wizarding world. The attraction are safe for the whole family, just don’t forget to bow first children!


3. Dine like wizards and witches in Universal Studios Japan

Wizarding World of Harry Potter signature beverage, butterbeer (Image Source: Bon Appetit)

Strolling along the Hogsmeade Village, come by the Three Broomstick where you can enjoy a glass of butterbeer. The non-alcohol beer is one of the signature beverages in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter besides pumpkin juice. As for the food, big feast and British pie will be a treat for your palate. Meanwhile for those who only want to sit around and order some alcoholic beverages can visit the pub-styled Hog’s Head. Here you can practically find butterbeer counters in every corner of the park, but be ready for a long queue.


4. Buy your Harry Potter-related merchandise

Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Japan
Ollivander Wand Shop (Image source: Befree Tour)

From stationery, Hogwarts uniform, mischievous jokes products, sweets to wand, you can find every wizard’s needs in Universal Studios Japan. The Honeydukes shop, provides ‘magical’ sweets like Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans (literally every flavor!), Chocolate Frogs, Acid Pops, etc. Also if you look for some mischiefs then Zonko Joke Shop will do.

And the highlight, experience finding your wand in the Ollivander! A ‘wand expert’ will attend several lucky guests for a wand-chooses-the-wizard interactive show where you try several wands before the wand determine its new master. You can buy the wand as a souvenir or buy replica wand of Harry Potter’s characters. There are two kind of wands sold in Ollivander, the interactive one and the non-interactive one. The interactive wand can show some ‘magic’ if you cast spell on some designated spots in the park. Also, the wand can be used in other Harry Potter Theme Parks in Universal Studios Orlando and Universal Studios Holywood.


5. Forget that you are muggle!

Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Ron’s flying car seen in Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secrets (Image source: Befree Tour)

Most of all, meticulous attention to details in every parts of the park will make you believe that the Wizarding World was indeed real. Hogwarts castle, the beautiful street of Hogsmeade Village and many iconic items are just as real as seen in the movie. In addition, interactive attractions will surely double the fun. Forget that you’re muggle and immerse yourself in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios Osaka, Japan.




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