Tranquility Beneath the SEA: 5 Things to Do in Singapore Aquarium [Travel]

Tranquility Beneath the SEAAquarium Singapore
Tranquility Beneath the SEA: 5 Things to Do in Singapore Aquarium [Travel]
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Wondering a life beneath the sea but you can’t even dive or snorkel? It’s your time for exploring the marine life without getting wet! South East Asia Aquarium or SEA Aquarium Singapore invites you to the largest sea kingdom dwelt by 100,000 sea creatures of around 1000 species. SEA Aquarium Singapore consists of 50 habitats, for instance Open Ocean, Shark Seas, Shipwreck, etc. So many things to do in Singapore, especially in SEA Aquarium. Surely those are not the mainstream ones. Here are things to do in Singapore aquarium:

1. Fish Exploration

Open Ocean Gallery: things to do in Singapore
Open Ocean Gallery (Source: Befree Tour)

First, let’s start with the most common thing: fish exploration. Well, it sounds mainstream but it is one of the fascinating things to do in Singapore. Chill at Open Ocean which is the largest fish “gallery” in SEA Aquarium Singapore. Indulge in the blue water view inside the giant panel inhabited by 50,000 sea creatures. Take a look around and you will find the giant windows surrounding this ocean dome and the ceiling. It feels like being in the middle of the ocean surrounded by splashing sea creatures. Sounds fascinating!

2. Love is(not) in the Air!

Romantic things to do in Singapore Aquarium
Romantic Vibe in Ocean Dome (Source: Befree Tour)

Still indulge in the ocean dome? Well, that’s true if you just can’t get enough of it because there are still many things to do in Singapore. The blue water with beautiful sea creatures gives the vivid ambiance of deep ocean life. The tranquility of deep ocean life is not only captivating to explore but also gives perfect vibe. The blue water view really makes the calm and relax vibes so the ocean dome looks romantic. Therefore, SEA Aquarium Singapore is suitable for wedding photo shoot. Besides, you can make a proposal here! Romantic, isn’t it? Love is not in the air but water! Let’s propose your spouse!

3. Sea Dining at Ocean Restaurant by Cat Cora

Sea Dining: things to do in Singapore
Sea Dining (Source: Befree Tour)

Are you still wondering next things to do in Singapore aquarium? If you have experienced sky dining in Singapore Flyer, now it’s turn to experience sea dining. Let’s have an exclusive dinner at exclusive restaurant served by exclusive chef too! Yes, it is Cat Cora, the America’s first lady Iron Chef. Try signature dishes from Cat Cora’s special recipes. The feature of this underwater aquarium restaurant looks romantic, glamour, and maybe a little bit…. scary (when you make eye contact with the sharks and other fishes swimming around you). But, it is not scary at all. Those will accompany you dining in the sea.

4. On Voyage: Adventurous Things to Do in Singapore Aquarium

mxm – inside theater w movie image 7-1
Image Source

Next, if you can’t still get enough of those things to do in Singapore, try to get another thrill: Typhoon Theater. It is situated at the front before the entrance of Maritime Experimental Museum. It is an incredible theater in SEA Aquarium Singapore. You can’t only watch the movie about shipwreck on the wide screen but also experience the real adventure of being a ship crew. It feels like you are really involved in that movie. Moreover, you can feel the storm and your ship sink in the sea when the theater floor descends. Just pretend that it is your maiden voyage so you will get the real thrill. Bon Voyage, Le Capitaine!

5. Discovery Touch Pool

Discovery Touch Pool: things to do in Singapore
Touch Star Fish (Source: Befree Tour)

Generally it is not possible to make direct interaction with the sea creatures in SEA Aquarium Singapore. However, Discovery Touch Pool gives you chance to touch some sea creatures directly such as star fish. Besides, the staff will guide you and give explanation about it. Surely you can’t touch the star fish the way you like. It has some rules to follow. Considering the star fishes are sensitive, you should touch them gently. Make sure you touch them with bare hands and don’t wear jewelry because it may injure them. In addition, it is a BIG NO throwing any objects into the pool. So bunch of incredible things to do in Singapore aquarium, isn’t it?

Let’s find more fun beneath the SEA!



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