6 Premium Indonesia Digital Destinations [Travel]

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6 Premium Indonesia Digital Destinations [Travel]
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Nowadays people perceive travelling not only as a relaxing time but also as a social validation for their prestige and existence. It is not as simple as book a ticket and just fly somewhere. You should make bucket lists of so called digital destinations, flawless destinations to feed your social media. You have to think of what outfits you should wear and what type of lenses you should bring: is it the wide or the fixed one the better choice? Later you also have to think about what captions will fit perfectly on your pictures. When it comes to social media, like is the currency. Here we give you some insights on premium digital destinations in Indonesia. Hashtag be free!

1. Sunset Beach, Karimunjawa

sunset beach karimunjawa


Located 5 hours sail from Java Island, makes this tiny island free from pollution. Karimunjawa is truly heaven on earth if you adore clean beaches and beautiful underwater life. The best spot to enjoy sunset is at Sunset Beach. Swinging in a swing with coconut in your hands and watch the sun goes down in a horizon: perfect. Make sure you have Sunset Beach Karimunjawa in your digital destination lists!

2. Tanjung Tinggi Beach, Belitong

pantai tanjung tinggi belitong


Tanjung Tinggi beach has the best nature’s beauty to explore. The combination of crystal water, giant stones, and white sands will give your picture a nice composition. We could rest assured that Tanjung Tinggi beach is a good digital destination for you to sit back and relax in style.

3. Malabar Tea Plantation, West Java

malabar tea plantation


Malabar tea plantation is a huge evergreen tea plantation. This tea plantation is located at the elevation of 1200 meters above sea level on the slope of Malabar Mount, Pangalengan, West Java. For the best pictures, we suggest you to come around 9:00. The natural golden sun shine will give you perfect lighting. If you enjoy white fog and cool breeze, stay until around 15:00 and you will be able to capture the misty look of the tea plantation. Having Malabar tea plantation as your digital destination is a must!

4. Pura Ulun Danu, Bali

Pura Ulun Danu


Bali is always stunning! Island of thousand Gods will give you memorable travelling experience through its nature and Hindu influence.  Scenic view of Hindu temples and  beautiful lake and mountain as the background will win your social media feeds. Plus, the cool weather and sincere atmosphere will calm your body and soul down. Yes, Ulun Danu Bedugul should be on your digital destination lists!

5. Pergasingan Hill, Lombok



If you are a bird-eye-view seeker, Pergasingan hill is definitely for you! Lately people like to come to this exotic hill to mesmerise the landscape. Pergasingan hill is located in Sembalun, East Lombok, some 3 hours drive from Lombok Praya Airport. You need to trek for 90-120 minutes to reach the top and enjoy the stunning view. The colorful rice fields and the green ancient mountain will bewitch you from 1,700 meters above sea level. This hill is also known as paradise among photographers. What a very recommended digital destination to visit!

6. Padar Island

pulau padar


Padar Island is located in  Flores, 2.5 hours non-stop flight from the capital. This remote island has unique shape and contour that will hypnotize your eyes. If you love to take green nature photographs, you can come during the raining season on November-March. During dry season, around April-September, you can experience this island as an ancient dinosaurs habitat! We can rest assured that Padar Island is truly a premium digital destination that will wowed your followers!

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