4 Fun Things To Do at Macau Tower

4 Fun Things To Do at Macau Tower
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Macau TowerMacau Tower (Source: BeFree Tour)

As the city’s iconic landmark, Macau Tower soar to a neck-pinching height of 338 m (about 1,108 feet). Located in Macau, it was designed by Gordon Moller a famous New Zealand architect. This tower constructed by billionaire casino mogul Stanley Ho Hung-Sun. The construction started on 1998 and finished on December 2001, at the same time with second anniversary of Macau’s handover from Portuguese rule.
You may hesitate to put Macau Tower on your itinerary when you are not quite sure what you should do there. But, don’t worry. Here 4 Fun Things To Do at Macau Tower.

1. Visit the Observation Decks

Macau Tower Observation Deck (source: macautower.com.mo)

High-speed glass-fronted elevators take visitors up to the height of 233 meters in less than 60 seconds. Enjoy spectacular views of Macau and the surrounding regions at the Tower’s Observation Deck. If you go to the observatory at the day light, you can enjoy the sight of Pearl River Delta. Also, you can see the neighboring country Hong Kong from this observation decks. While if you go at night, take a pleasure in the sights of the city all lit up. Macau’s night-scape transforms the city. The amazing sight of entire Macau Peninsula all lit up with beautiful lights seen from above.
If you want to explore the city in detail, you can purchase telescope cards which available at the ground floor of ticketing area. There are certainly plenty to see!

2. Tower Adventure of Macau Tower

Source: BeFree Tour

Ready for sky-high adventure? Experience some activities full of adrenaline rush on the Adventure Deck, such as sky walk, tower climb, sky jump and bungee jump.
You can take an outdoor stroll around the outer rim of the Adventure Deck on the Sky walk. Stand on top and take a stroll without handrail with the walkway is just 1.8 meters wide. Otherwise, you can experience climbing 338 meters to the top of the antennae mast tower. Conquer one of the world’s tallest tower while you experience the Tower Climb.

If you do have nerves, feel the ultimate adrenaline rush as you brave the Guinness World Record highest commercial Bungee Jump. Situated 764 feet (233 meters) above the ground. You’ll experience an exhilarating free fall until you’re about 99 feet (30 meters) from the ground. Then enjoy some bouncy rebounds before slowly coming to a stop.
Do you think jumping from Macau Tower is truly something scary? You don’t have to worry since the bungee team bossed by world’s famous bungee facility provider A.J. Hackett had developed a specially designed cord. It was designed to provide this safe and thrilling experience. And since Mr. Hackett has multiple sites around the world with a flawless safety record, sure you are in the good hands.
So gather up your courage and experience one or all of them.

3. Entertainment & Shopping

Macau Tower Theatre (source: www.macautower.com.mo)

Macau Tower is also completed with indoor entertainment and shopping area. You can find 2D/3D theater showing the latest blockbusters, gaming excitement with the chance to hit the jackpot. Moreover, a wide range of shopping options from the best of European luxury to a huge range of children’s toys available here.

So it’s truly something for everyone at Macau Tower.

4. Dining Experience

Source: BeFree Tour

Missing your lunch or dinner during you visit to Macau Tower? Macau Tower offering authentic Chinese cuisine, to delicious café style and irresistible local delicacies for visitors. It accommodate you whether you are dining for business meeting, lunching with friends, or simply rewarding yourself. For instance, Macau Tower’s eateries will tantalize your taste buds after an adrenaline rush adventure. Savor the flavor at the iconic Macau Tower’s 360° Café. Reflecting its name, the restaurant rotates fully every one and half hour providing a truly unique and unforgettable experience. Dinner buffet, lunch buffet and high tea set are all available. The perfect solution for those who want to experience both stunning views and a sumptuous buffet meals to match.

Are you ready for the Sky High adventure? Come and joy the thrilling experience in Macau Tower.




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