7 Free Things To Do in Macau [Things To Do]

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7 Free Things To Do in Macau [Things To Do]
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Macau have earned the nickname as “Las Vegas of Asia”. It’s well known for its huge casinos and extravagant lifestyle. Macau is one of the best party destinations in Asia for those who seek for hedonistic liberal environment. But wait, don’t be discouraged by Macau’s reputation as an expensive city. You will be pleased that there are a lot of fun activities you can do without spending money. So, let’s check 7 free things to do in Macau!

1. UNESCO World Heritage site

Free Things To Do In Macau
The Ruins of St Paul’s (Source: theculturetrip.com)

Gambling and all the hedonist lifestyle is just one side of Macau. On the other side, Macau comes with charming heritage and fascinating history. There are plenty fascinating sites in the Historic City Centre of Macau and only a few require entrance fee. One of the most famous sites is the Ruins of St Paul’s – once a grand catholic cathedral but now remain a single wall poised atop a small hill. Don’t forget to take some artistic pictures in front of the towering facade and stairway. Also, with its statues, portals and engravings that remain as a background. Other point of interest are Senado Square, Monte Forte, St. Dominic’s Church, St. Lawrence’s Church, Mandarin’s House and A-Ma Temple.

Macau Government provides free audio guide service for tourist. It helps tourist to visit the various UNESCO World Heritage attractions throughout the Historic Centre of Macau. The audio guide available in Mandarin, Cantonese, Portuguese, English, German, Japanese and Korean. However, to get this service, you have to make a returnable deposit of MOP 200.

2. Free Museums

Free Thing To Do In Macau
The Taipa House Museum (Source: www.taipavillagemacau.com)

Beside the heritage sites, Macau also has about 23 museums. Moreover, some of the museums are admission free. The free museums are worth visiting including the Fire Services Museum, Taipa Houses Museum and Handover Gifts Museum.

Taipa Houses represents the charming Portuguese architectural style in Taipa. The Taipa House Museum consist of five distinctive green houses constructed in 1921. The next free museum is Fire Services Museum, located on Estrada de Coelho do Amaral.  You can find two immaculate looking Dennis Trucks from the 30’s & 60’s. This is worth visiting for a fire engine enthusiast. While the Handover Gifts Museum is a museum where you can find unique collection of Chinese works in one roof. They collect 56 gift given to Macau on recognition of the territory returning to Chinese possession. Put Handover Gifts Museum museum on your list in Macau and spend the time to inspect and admire the rich culture of Chinese.

3. Visit Churches and Temples

Things To Do In Macau
Penha Church (Source: theculturetrip.com)

It doesn’t mean that I aim to make you more religious after your visit to Macau. But, don’t you think that this is a cheap option for your photo hunt? Another free things to do in Macau is visit churches and temple to get some great pictures for your collection on your phone gallery or your social media. You have many options of churches since Macau was under Portuguese rule for a long colonial period, such as St. Dominic’s, St. Lawrence, St. Joseph, St. Michael’s Chapel, Penha Church and also St. Francis Xavier.

There are traditional Chinese temples to discover scattered throughout Macau as well. The most popular to visit is A-Ma Temple and Kun Iam Temple located on Avenida do Coronel Mesquita.

4. Free Squares, Gardens, and Beaches

Things To Do In Macau
Senado Square (Source: www.telegraph.co.uk)

Other free things to do in Macau are visit the squares, gardens and beaches. There is saying that if you haven’t been to Senado Square, you haven’t been to Macau. Senado Square is the main public square, Macau’s urban center and an common venue for big events and holiday celebrations. It is a lovely place to sit in the afternoon, take a romantic walk at night  or simply take photographs of fine architecture of the surrounding buildings. It is completed with a lot of fashion shops, restaurants, snacks and souvenir shops. Since there are many shops around, you can spend half a day for shopping and foodies.

If you are looking for some peace and quiet in Macau you can go to Jardim de Lou Lim Ioc. Victorian and Chinese structures stand in between ponds that are carpeted by lotuses makes this public park become a perfect sanctuary. Next option, you can visit Camoes Square. Macau’s oldest park which named after legendary Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes. If you are beach lover, consider to visit Hac Sa Beach. It is considered to be the most popular and the largest natural beach in Macau. You can also enjoy a little picnic in this black sand beach.

5. Next on Free Things To Do in Macau, Free Performance

Free Things To Do In Macau
Image Source: karryon.com.au

Macau is a festive city to visit with free festivals, operas and exhibitions throughout the year. Moreover when it comes to the end of the year and Chinese New Year holiday. You can see numerous dragon dances as well as a pinwheel fair, including the 238 meter long Dragon Parade. While free fireworks displays are held at various times of the year.

You can visit the Exhibition Gallery of IACM at the Leal Senado building during your sightseeing around Senado Square. Here you can enjoy exhibitions throughout the year without spending a single penny.

6. Free Food Tasting

Free Things To Do In Macau
Bakkwa or Meat Jerky (Source: stylemnl.net)

Take an adventure on Dasanba Street (Rua do S. Paulo) which popular as places to try Macanese snacks. Many vendors would invite you to taste their products, enticing you to buy more food they are selling, do not turn down the free samples offered. In this street market you can find food stalls offering wares like desserts, barbeque, bread, and much more. Consider on sampling the egg tarts, almond cookies, and pork chop buns. Macau definitely has something to satisfy your taste.

7. Free Shuttle

Free Things To Do In Macau
Free Venetian shuttle bus (Source: www.venetianmacao.com)

Major hotels and casinos provide free shuttle services between major transportation hubs. This service connect ferry terminals, airport and border gates as well as to other major hotel or casinos in Macau. The free shuttle service usually available from 10:00 AM to 10:30 PM. You don’t have to stay at one of the hotels to ride their free shuttles. Isn’t it a great way to get around Macau? So make this is an alternatives if you want to visit the sites close to the casinos.





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