What’s On Shanghai Disneyland Part 1: Explore 6 Theme Land Sections [Shanghai]

What's on Shanghai Disneyland
What’s On Shanghai Disneyland Part 1: Explore 6 Theme Land Sections [Shanghai]
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What’s on Shanghai Disneyland? That’s may be the question for whoever never visited Shanghai Disneyland before. In fact, every Disneyland around the world has their own theme land sections, different to others.

For the question ‘what’s on Shanghai Disneyland?’ you may get some of the answers here. Located in Pudong, Shanghai, it has 6 theme land sections, include its attractions and others. In total, you can enjoy 10-12 kinds of attraction, 7 gardens, 5 shows, also restaurants and souvenir shops on each sections.

1. Mickey Avenue

What's on Shanghai Disneyland
Mickey Avenue (Befree Tour)

Who doesn’t know Mickey Mouse, the main icon of Walt Disney? He is not only cut but  also represents goodwill and cheerfulness. Those values are presented in Mickey Avenue. As like Mickey Mouse, Mickey Avenue also has role as a main gate to the other fantasy and dream worlds in Shanghai Disneyland. This street presents many cartoon characters from Walt Disney Animation for the visitors to take a photo with. Moreover,  Shanghai Disneyland Band will chant cheerful rhythms with them. Sometimes, there is also a parade of them along the street. You may also watch films which are played at Mickey’s Film Festival in this area.  You can also enjoy dining at some restaurants or just strolling around in the souvenir shops.

2. Tomorrowland

What's on Shanghai Disneyland
TRON Lightcycle (motofire.com)

Different than other theme land sections, Tomorrowland actualizes our fantasy of advance future. So, what’s on Shanghai Disneyland for “our future”? It has an interior of modern features and outstanding attraction. There are Jet Packs, Buzz Lightyear Planet Rescue, Star Wars Launch Bay, Pepsi E-Stage, and Stitch Encounter. As the highlight, you can try TRON Lightcycle Power Run. It is a series of sophisticated and luminous two-wheeled roller coaster, inspired by Tron Legacy motorcycle. Feel the sensation of gliding through the indoor and outdoor track, entering mysterious space with light, projection, and sound effects. This area is located on the opposite side of the central area.

3. Treasure Cove

What's on Shanghai Disneyland
Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure (Befree Tour)

This area is a collaboration between Shanghai Disney Resort and Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise.Using the system of e-ticket, this area is called Treasure Cove. This theme park had becoming the new icon of Shanghai Disneyland and home of Pirates of the Caribbean. It is can’t be found at other Disneyland Park except in Shanghai. As its home, the main attraction is Pirates of the Caribbean: Battle for the Sunken Treasure. Other available activities are Eye of the Storm: Captain Jack’s Stunt Spectacular, Explore Canoes, Shipwreck Shore, and Shiren’s Revenge. Keep in mind, there are restaurants and souvenir shops in each theme land, including Treasure Cove.

4. Adventure Isle

What's on Shanghai Disneyland
Roaring Rapids (coasterforce.com)

Adventure Isle is a village-themed section located between Mickey Avenue and Treasure Cove. It is set on 1935 with a native Arbori Tribe and the League of Adventure expedition group. A group of good scientist is interested in nature and culture of Arbori and intends to explore it. Then the tribe welcomes them. So, the exploration and development began since then. The exploration activities then deliver some attractions to be enjoyed by the visitors. They can explore the Challenge Trail in Camp Discovery, Roaring Rapids, and visit Happy Circle.Don’t forget to feel the tension of Soaring Over the Horizon and watch the Tarzan: Call of the Jungle’ show.

5. Fantasyland

What's on Shanghai Disneyland
Alice in Wonderland Maze (Befree Tour)

What’s on Shanghai Disneyland for the next destination ? Yes..it is Fantasyland. It identically reminds us of princesses in fairy tale stories; Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Cinderella, or Princess Jasmine. So, Enchanted Storybook Castle is a very match thing as the main attraction of this section. As a home of those princesses, it presents almost all the princesses and other fairy tale characters of Walt Disney Animation. It also becomes the biggest castle among Magic Kingdom castles in other Disneyland Park. Besides, there are also Alice in Wonderland Maze, Peter Pan’s Flight, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, shows, as well as wading through the river at Voyage to the Crystal Grotto.

6. Garden of Imagination

What's on Shanghai Disneyland
Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Befree Tour)

Garden of Imagination also only exists in Shanghai Disneyland. As a relaxing section, this theme area has 7 gardens with different themes; they are Garden of the Twelve Friends, Melody Garden, Romance Garden, and many more. You may also visit gallery of Meet Mickey and Marvel Universe. Riding slow rides like Dumbo the Flying Elephant and Fantasia Carousel are another choices. Also, enjoy Golden Fairytale Fanfare show  or just relax in its restaurants and refreshments.

Those are the theme land sections available in Shanghai Disneyland. Which area do you want to visit? Since it won’t be possible to explore all the sections in one day, it is recommended to plan your vacation there using 2Days Pass. Then.. What’s more on Shanghai Disneyland? Wait for the next story..


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