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Let’s be acquaintance with the country before going on your Taiwan trip! First time traveler (like me) maybe will only search certain interesting destinations in Taiwan. However, it will be more interesting to know more aspect about Taiwan, such as history, feature, habit, nature, and tradition, in order to feel the acquaintance with Taiwan. If we are going to visit Taiwan and go around just like native, we better know about the background and common life of Taiwan or Taipei City. Here are some interesting things about Taiwan that you may have to know before your visit.

1. Formusa, Portuguese Name for the Beautiful

On the 16th century when Portuguese came to East Asia, they found the island located in China and it was very beautiful. That was the main island which is known today as Taiwan. The beauty of this island impressed the Portuguese, so they called it “formusa“. It is a Portuguese language which means beauty or beautiful. Even if this name is a given name from its invader, but this name also becomes the lasting nickname that has another story for Taiwan.

Source: guidetotaipei

2. The Tallest Building

Taipei Tower 101, also known as Taipei World Financial Center, is the 2nd highest skyscraper in the world after Burj Khalifa in Dubai. With total of 101 floors, it also has 2 fastest lifts with the speed up to 1.010m/min. It means that the time needed from ground floor to 89th floor is only about 39 seconds. Long time ago, it is like no one expect such magnificent building will be realized in this country, but Taiwan made it. And now, the tower become one of the most popular destination and it should be in the itinerary of your Taiwan trip.

Taipei Tower 101 on the Night Be Acquaintance With Taiwan
Source: Befree Tour

3. Bicycling in Taipei City

Taiwanese really like to ride bicycle. This is part of movement for the healthy life style in Taiwan. Even, the government invests so much for the bicycle track and the parking lot. Many bicycle rental are provided in Taipei and other cities. Although Taipei is a big city, it has wide open area and enough infrastructures to encourage their citizen for using bicycle, not only for the cars.

cycling in Taipei Be Acquaintance With Taiwan
Source: Befree Tour

4.Attractive Side of Taiwan

Some of Taiwan attractive sides are places, events, and tradition and sure. Also, you can enjoy other amazing places in your Taiwan trip such as nature destinations and temples. Not only the destinations in Taipei city with its modernity, Taiwan has amazing nature destinations such as Sun Moon Lake, Yangmingshan National Parks, Penghu National Scenic Area, Volando Urai Hot Spring and many others. You will never get bored by nature, won’t you? Next, there are some beautiful temples and museum namely Longshan Mengja Temple, Chung Tai Chan Monastery, Lukang Longshan Temple, also National Palace Museum Taipei and many more. There is also a place where you can enjoy unique view of pagoda that is seen as if it’s floating on a lake. They are called Dragon and Tiger Pagodas with its Lotus Lake surreounding it.

This country also has many events identical to Chinese culture. Lantern Festivals, Hot Spring and Fine Cuisine Carnival, Lukang Dragon Boat Festival, International Balloon Festivals, and International Puppet Art Festival are some yearly festivals held in Taiwan. The traditional aspect absolutely becomes another story for tourists. Some interesting traditions aspect to see are martial art, traditional wedding ceremony, and glove puppetry.

Attractive Side of Taiwan Be Acquaintance With Taiwan
Source: Befree Tour

5.Pearl in The Oceans

This is another side of Taiwan. It is strongly related if Chinese has a geopolitical theory of “String of Pearls”. Then Taiwan is one of its pearl. You can find place which is like pearl in the ocean in southwest of Taiwan. With sandy beaches and coral islands, this paradise is found on Penghu Island, also known as Pescadores Islands. There are approximately 90 islands and islets in the Taiwan Strait like Qimei Island, Ji-Bei Island, Wangan Island, and others lines in row just like pearls.

Taiwan Trip
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Above are only few information about Taiwan trip that may give you little acquaintance with Taiwan, or even Taipei city. Might those interest you to visit it and be our partner to travel the world. Explore more about it in our website. Lets joint us!




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