8 Thai Foods that Will Make You Addicted! [Thing to do]

Thai Foods
8 Thai Foods that Will Make You Addicted! [Thing to do]
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Thailand has a lot of foods that can make anyone addicted. Beside mostly cheap, Thai food is famous for its very strong taste of spices. Do you want to know what culinary that can make you addicted if coming to Thailand? Here are 8 foods of Thailand that will make you more want to go to Thailand.

1. Tom Yam

source: Befree Tour

Tom Yam is probably the most popular Thai food around the world! But you should try this delicious soup when you come to Thailand! You can find this spicy-and-sour-seafood-soup in almost every restaurants. Best dishes in raining season! For those who do not like seafood, some restaurants in Thailand also sell Tom Yam with chicken and beef too.

2. Cha Yen (Thai Tea)


This drink is made from black tea (Thai tea) originating from Thailand. There are many sellers of Thai tea on the streets of Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. What makes this Thai tea special is that it’s mixed with milk and cream. This drink is very good for health because Thai black tea is cooked with orange blossom water, star anise, tamarind, and other herbs that have high antioxidants, plus the vitamin C and E which good for the body.

3. Pad Thai 

source: Befree Tour

Pad Thai is made from kwetiau (flat and wide noodles) and rice noodles, traditional noodles of Thailand. The ingredients in this Thai food are kwetiau, rice noodles, tofu, crab/shrimp, eggs, sprouts, chives, radishes, and raw banana flowers. What makes this Thai food special is the raw banana flower. There is one restaurant named Thip Samai, located in Ratchaburi – Bangkok that sells this menu. Pad Thai in this place is very cheap and tasty. Only with 70 Bath (2 USD), you can enjoy one portion of Pad Thai!

4. Mango Sticky Rice

 (source: seriouseats)

Mango Sticky Rice is a very simple yet popular dessert in Thai. This Thai food is made from sweet mango, sticky rice, and thick coconut milk. Can you imagine that taste? Sticky rice flavored with a very thick creamy coconut milk, combined with the sweetness of mango that will immediately make you addicted to eating it over and over again.

5. Tod Mun Pla Krai (Fish Cake)

source: Befree Tour

Tod Mun Pla Krai is also often called Thai fish cake. This food is made from fried mashed fishes with eggs, beans, and spices. In Thailand, people eat this food as snack and it is easy to find in street vendors. Tod Mun Pla is usually served with a traditional Thai sauce, Nam Fern Tod Mun, made from a mixture of cucumber, chili paste, and mashed beans.

6. Mee Grob

source: Befree Tour

Mee Grob is one of main course in Thailand. This delicious Thai food is made from crispy vermicelli noodles, served with chicken or seafood toppings and Thai sauce.  This food is rather sweet, and if you want a little sour taste, you can squeeze some limes as well!

7. Som Tam (Papaya Salad)

source: Befree Tour

Som Tam is made from thin slices of young papaya cooked with special Thai sauce and mixed with other ingredients such as shrimp, crab, long bean and ambarella. About the taste, no doubt about it! Som Tam is in the top 50 most delicious foods in the world’s (CNN in 2011). You can find this food in many restaurants in Thailand.

8. Khao Tom Gung

(source: siamsizzles)

Khao Tom is made from rice porridge and served shrimp or chicken. The-rich-of-spice-broth is undeniably delicious. Khao Tom is a popular breakfast menu among locals. This is a must try Thai food!

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