Unveil Singapore Wildlife: 5 Animal Zones in Singapore Zoo [Thing To Do]

into the wild!
Unveil Singapore Wildlife: 5 Animal Zones in Singapore Zoo [Thing To Do]
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Behind its modernity and urban life, Singapore still remains the space for natural sustainability by initiating Singapore Zoo. Covering 26 hectares, Singapore Zoo is a home for more than 2,800 animals from 300 species. The concept looks different from the common zoos since Singapore Zoo is situated in the rain forest environment. Featuring the “open concept”, Singapore Zoo becomes the natural habitat for those animals. Therefore, particular animals can feel “homey” although they are far away from their origins. There are several typical zones to explore in Singapore Zoo. Let’s go to this forest and get wild!

1. Meet Singapore Zoo Celebrity: Ah Meng

Ah Meng Singapore Zoo
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Here is Singapore Zoo celebrity, Ah Meng. Actually Ah Meng (or the first generation) died 10 years ago. The one you will meet now is her granddaughter, Ishta. Ishta or the new Ah Meng is also a Sumatran Orang Utan whose status is critically endangered according to International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Due to her status, you can’t directly interact with her. Don’t worry, that furry friend can still accompany you to have breakfast at her restaurant. Singapore Zoo provides “Jungle Breakfast with Wildlife” at Ah Meng Restaurant. However, she and her friends only appear from 09:30 to 10:00. So, you should arrange your schedule first in order to meet them.

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2. Get Breezed in Frozen Tundra

Inuka Singapore Zoo
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Dreaming of landing to Antarctica to see Polar Bear but the Southern Ocean seems a bit wide to cross? Don’t worry! Just heading to Singapore, you can face to face with this tubby Antarctic creature without getting hypothermia. This clumsy bear names Inuka. Inuka came to Singapore Zoo in 1990. Once you arrive at Frozen Tundra zone, you will be amazed by its huge cool pool made from glass on one side. Therefore, you can observe Inuka splashing and dancing in the water. Inuka’s home is not sweltering at all since the zoo has adjusted the temperature like in its origin. In addition, Inuka has ice cave as its cozy playground to chill.

3. Australian Singapore Zoo

kangaroo Singapore Zoo
Image Source: Befree Tour

From Antarctica, then we move to the north east to meet the iconic hopping legs. But wait, Singapore Zoo has Australasia zone. This zone features the typical Australian wildlife. You will meet the Marsupial family such as Kangaroos and Wallabies. Those big feet always hop around and this is very exciting especially for the children. There are several types of Marsupials inhabiting Singapore Zoo such as Grey Kangaroos, Wallabies, and Tree Kangaroos. Tree Kangaroos has different habit from other Kangaroos because they climb and jump within trees. They are clumsier and hop awkwardly. Besides, don’t forget to meet one of flightless feathered family, Cassowary. Physically it looks like emu and ostrich but it has bright-colorful neck.

4. Into the Wild!

giraffe Singapore Zoo
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You can simply feel the experience of traveling around the world in Singapore Zoo. It is like Singapore Zoo gathers all wildlife of this planet. It gathers the inhabitants from the coldest and most extreme place like South Pole to the wildest arena like Africa. Prepare yourself to meet Lion the King of Wild Africa zone! You will find him walking in pride around his territory or chilling on his stone throne. If you are not thrilled enough in this roaring zone, then you should visit the second largest animal which is white rhino. Besides, the steadier ones in Wild Africa will welcome you and show their unique features like zebra with its white-black striped coat and cute giraffe with its long neck and chestnut patches around the coat. Don’t worry, they are all herbivores.

5. Keeping Cool in Jurong Bird Park

Singapore Zoo Beauty
Image Source: Befree Tour

Geographically Jurong Bird Park is not situated in Singapore Zoo environment, but it is still under the same management with Singapore Zoo. Let’s encounter the uncommon and special animals like the penguins and keep cool in Penguin Coast. Penguin Coast is the cozy home and playground for various species of Penguin such as King Penguin, Rockhopper, Macaroni, and Humboldt. From Antarctic zone then you should head to the tropical one, Flamingo Lake. Luckily you have chance to meet the most elegant creature with gorgeous pinkish feather and stunning legs: pink flamingos. These ballerinas look-alike give special charm for the view so that its lake has heavenly feature and romantic vibes. It is perfect for couple photo shoot background!

Let’s Get Wild!



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