The 5 Bali Extreme Sports You Didn’t Know Existed! [Thing to Do]

The 5 Bali Extreme Sports You Didn’t Know Existed! [Thing to Do]
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The ever-growing tourism in Bali keep the industry busy in bringing something new and keep exploring the island’s rich nature. Resulting to the discovery of many extreme sports, they quickly garner popularity among those of Bali goers. Here are the five Bali extreme sports that you must try, although few may find them terrifying.

1. Rafting: a Must Try Activity

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Probably the most mainstream one, rafting is one of the most popular outdoor activities in Bali. There are actually 3 rafting courses in Bali namely Ayung River, Telagawaja River and Melangit River. Ayung River is mainly for beginner with the shortcoming of climbing approximately 300 staircases to reach the start point and vice versa. One level above is Telagawaja River, a river streaming down at the eastern part of the island. Lastly, Melangit River is a river in Klungkung Regency with 4-level rapid (intermediate). Consequently it become the most suitable course for those who seek for more adventure. Choose suitable course considering the fitness level of your physique and prior experience.

2. Parasailing: Enjoy the Flying Seansation

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Adding the number of Bali extreme sports, enjoy flying sensation above the blue sea and conquering your fear by taking a round of parasailing. A person wearing parachute and ropes attached to a speedboat will be pulled from the sea surface until the person rises to the sky. Hence parasailing also belongs to watersport category. To enjoy this activity we can go to many watersport vendors providing this service in Tanjung Benoa area.

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3. Paragliding: See Bali from Up Above

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Some agree that paragliding is the highlight of Bali extreme sports. Similar with parasailing, the differences are that rider uses wind power to fly instead of speedboat. Also, parasailing uses a canopy-shaped parachute while paragliding uses a parachute with the shape resembles a wing. The mechanism of paragliding is riders get lifted using the wind power by running down a slope. Take-off and landing process are using the rider feet without the any machine involved. However machine-powered paragliding has been popularized recently. First timers can also try this activity as they can fly tandem with professional paragliding pilot. Most paragliding trip starts off at Nusa Dua area. It’ll make you feel the adrenaline rush by flying high up above Bali while admiring beautiful emerald-colored sea below you.

4. Canyoning: Ultimate Bali Extreme Sports Experience

Canyoning, Ultimate Bali Extreme Sports Experience
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Canyoning is new trend in Bali extreme sports department. It involves series of activities like climbing the riverbank, jumping from atop of waterfall, hiking a mountain or trekking deep down the jungle. This activity is particularly popular in Britain and has recently spread to America and Asia. Being home for jungles, mountains, hills and many waterfalls that available to be explored, Bali becomes popular canyoning location. There are several canyoning courses across Bali, with each courses has different difficulty level depending on physical condition required for each courses. Kalimudah, Kali Kecil and Keren Kali along the Gitgit Waterfall are courses for basic or intermediate canyoners. While Aling Gorges and Anahata have more challenging tracks to offer. Lastly, there is Canyon of Fire. This course is only for advance canyoners with prior experience and athlete-level physique. Therefore choose a course that match with your stamina level and experience.

5. Flyboard: Activity for True Watersport Fanatics

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Another extreme sports available in Bali is flyboard. Rather than extreme, we can say that flyboard is more of a fun activity. This watersport involves the usage of a device similar to wakeboard. It works by connecting a special type of board powered with personal water craft that can elevate the user several meters above water surface. Less than a decade, flyboard quickly become famous all over the world. As a result, you can also find it in Bali. Just like other watersport activities in Bali, you can experience this fun activity in some watersport vendors in Nusa Dua.

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