5 Most Fun Destinations in Singapore: Move Your Playground Here! [Thing to Do]

5 Most Fun Destinations in Singapore: Move Your Playground Here! [Thing to Do]
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Generally speaking, Singapore is renowned for its modernity and prosperity. Its vibrant, high-tech, and glamorous city vividly depicts the fascinating urban life. Supported by integrated transportation system, adequate public facilities, and well-managed urban planning, Singapore emerges as the top destination either for business or vacation. Despite of its business ambiance, we can still feel the playful and fun vibe in several tourist attractions. Here is a top list of Singapore fun places which could be your playground.

1. Universal Studio: One of the Singapore Fun Places

Source: Befree Tour

Are you a Hollywood movie enthusiast? Universal Studio Singapore is the perfect option for your holiday. Located within Resorts World Sentosa, this Hollywood theme park offers many fun attractions either for adults or kids. You can stop by the Hollywood movie set and take picture. If you are “mature” enough to feel thrill sensation, please experience the extreme rides like TRANSFORMERS the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle. For more fun, let’s get closer to popular characters like the Minions, Elmo and friends from the Sesame Street, Puss in Boots, or Penguin of Madagascar.

2. MOSH! Singapore

Source: Befree Tour

Are you on vacation with the little ones? MOSH! is one of Singapore fun places and very suitable for the kids since it doesn’t only provide fun activities but also the educated ones. This edutainment park captivates kids with the combination of art and the touch of multimedia technology. Kids can explore their creativity and imagination here. They can create their own virtual and animated doodle on the big screen or experience paper plan adventure by throwing paper plane to the big screen then it turns into virtual and animated plane. Isn’t it captivating?

3. Mint Museum of Toys

Source: Befree Tour

Cherish your childhood memories in Mint Museum of Toys! It gives you a nostalgic experience with classic or vintage toys. It displays more than 50.000 vintage toys collections from Singapore, Japan, United States, Germany, UK, etc. On the rooftop and basement display, you will feel the vintage ambiance with enamel sign gallery which display many enamel signs of advertising starting from the late 19th to early 20th century. This museum is heavenly place for comic and animation series fans because it displays several popular fictional characters like Popeye, Felix, Astroboy, Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse, Batman, Superman, Ultraman, Tintin, Hanna-Barbera, etc. You can also see the popular doll collections such as Betty Boop, Teddy Bears, Mickey Mouse, etc. Besides, this museum will introduce you to classic toys around the world such as Austria, UK, Chile, Netherlands, India, Singapore, etc.

4. Mega Adventure Park

Mega Adventure Park: Singapore Fun Places
Source: Befree Tour

It challenges your adrenaline by some extreme but exciting activities. This park offers four activities which are MegaZip, MegaClimb, MegaWall, and MegaJump. MegaZip is 3-wire zip line with the 75 meters height and 450 meters length. It starts from Imbiah Hill and finishes at Siloso Beach. MegaClimb is high ropes activity with 5-15 meters height. MegaWall is 15-meter climbing wall with 3 routes. Those activities sound extreme or might be dangerous, but you do not need to worry because all the equipment meets the standard of safety and the activities are supervised under professional crews. It is no wonder that this arena is categorized as one of Singapore fun places, especially for the adventure seeker.

5. Go Green Segway Tours

Segway: Singapore Fun Places
Source: Befree Tour

It offers you a fun scenic ride in Sentosa. You can enjoy the view of beach in Sentosa while riding a Segway in Singapore. The friendly guide will assist you about the basic instructions to ride a Segway. It is open for kids and adults. It requires the minimum of height which is up to 105 cm and maximum of weight which is less than 100 kg. Children less than 10 years old must be accompanied by the trainer or guide. Please be noticed that no smoking, no electronic device, and no food and drink during the tour. Make sure you are in a good condition. The tour is open every day within 10:00-19:30 with last order at 19:15. The tour starts from 10:15, 11:15, 12:15, 13:15, 14:15, 15:00, 15:45, 16:30, 17:15, 18:00, and 18:45.

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