Flying without Wings: 5 Awesomeness of Singapore Flyer [Thing To Do]

singapore flyer
Flying without Wings: 5 Awesomeness of Singapore Flyer [Thing To Do]
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I believe I can fly…. I believe I can touch the sky…. Those popular lines are no longer pieces of song lyric. You can really make it! Although you don’t literally fly, you can feel the sensation of flying. Thanks to Singapore Flyer, now people can get closer to the sky. Singapore Flyer is one of iconic Singapore landmarks besides Gardens by the Bay, Marina Bay Sands, and the statue of Merlion. Situated in downtown Singapore, Singapore Flyer is accessible by any transportation modes. So, don’t ever miss this wonderful place if you travel to Singapore. There are bunch of fun things to do and cool spots to visit in Singapore Flyer. So many reasons to visit and no reason to dismiss….

1. Aesthetic Technology of Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer
Image Source: Befree Tour

First, let’s get to know the wondrous facts about Singapore Flyer. With the height of 156 meters and diameter of 150 meters, this Ferris wheel becomes the largest giant observation wheel in Asia. Singapore Flyer was specially designed by Dr. Kisho Kurokawa and DP Architects of Singapore. Basically the concept is similar to other Ferris wheels in the world. So, Singapore Flyer at glimpse reminds you to London Eye. Singapore Flyer consists of 28 capsules. Each capsule is 4M x 7M in size. It takes approximately 30 minutes for Singapore Flyer to rotate. The rotation speed is quite smooth so that you won’t get dizzy.

2. 360-degree Sightseeing Experience

Singapore Flyer Capsule
Image Source: Befree Tour

Next, what to offer in Singapore Flyer? The capsules indeed are the focal points of Singapore Flyer. You are brought to float in the air inside the capsule. Gaze out through this transparent capsule and explore the infinite view of Singapore city. Like Marina Bay Sands Observatory Desk, Singapore Flyer also offers sightseeing experience but in wider view point which is 360-degree. Just look around and you will see Singapore landmarks such as Marina Bay Sands, Gardens by the Bay, and even parts of other countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Based on some experiences before, it is better not to join other group in a capsule because it is too crowded and noisy.

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3. Be a Captain in the real commercial airplane!

Flight Experience Simulator Singapore Flyer
Image Source: Flight Experience

Besides being in a capsule, you can also experience the more real flying sensation with Flight Experience Simulator. Let’s imagine flying the real commercial airplane which consists of full cockpit and equipment, computers, and avionics. There are professional instructors who will guide you first. Be the Captain and you will get the great opportunity to seat in Captain’s seat and fly Boeing 737-800. The simulator uses the latest technology and has been approved by New Zealand Civil Aviation Authority (official worldwide aviation authorities for the real pilot training). This opportunity is open for any circles (male, female, and even kids). Flight attendants, please be seated for take off!

4. Sky Dining

Singapore Flyer Sky Dining
Image Source: City Discovery

Who says that it is only Zeus who can have dinner in the sky? Zeus might be the conqueror of the sky, but you can simply have sky dining in your own way. Singapore Flyer brings you awesome dinner experience in the rotating capsule. Highlighting the romantic dinner, it presents you a unique and wonderful vibes for your sweet night with your lovely one. Your exclusive dinner is perfect with 4-Course Set Dinner menu including both Oriental and Continental dishes. Moreover, 1 bottle of premium champagne, 1 bouquet of roses, and professional in-flight house service brings you the ambiance of dining in 5-starred exclusive restaurant.

5. Pamper yourself!

Singapore Flyer Spa
Image Source: Healthcare Singapore

If flying is too frightening or you have an acrophobia, let’s do something else: shopping! Well, it sounds mainstream but it can simply pamper yourself. Singapore Flyer also offers one-stop shopping experience starting from souvenirs, accessories, jewelry, T-shirt, or just Singapore trinkets. Singapore Flyer Gifts shop opens daily at 12:30-21:30 (Level 2) and at 08:30-22:45 (Level 3). In addition, Singapore Flyer also provides relaxing treatment such as spa and reflexology. The most popular one is fish spa. Let’s feel the unique sensation when the small fishes tickle your feet. Besides, Chinese massage is also available if you prefer the traditional treatment.

 Let’s Fly without Wings!



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