5 Captivating Attractions in Universal Studios Singapore [Thing to Do]

5 Captivating Attractions in Universal Studios Singapore [Thing to Do]
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What if you miss this most popular theme park during your trip to Singapore? Let’s say your trip is not completed yet! Why come should be replaced by why not to come to Universal Studios Singapore. With captivating features and exciting attractions, Universal Studios Singapore seems bewitch everybody and makes them enthusiast to go there. Like its name, Universal, the place is literally universal too since every single person can enjoy this phenomenal theme park. All types of attractions are available starting from the fun activities to the extreme ones. Here are the recommended attractions in Universal Studios Singapore that will captivate you. What are you waiting for? Let’s have fun and thrill at once!

1. Extreme Rides

Battlestar Galactica Universal Studios Singapore
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Are you brave enough to deal with the thrill? Try to ride Battlestar Galactica: HUMAN vs. CYLONTM that challenge you with extreme double high speed roller coasters. The red coaster (human) brings you up and down then turns you around. It has stepping floor. Compared to the red coaster, the blue coaster (cylon) gives you more extreme challenge with no stepping floor so your feet are hung. This ride requires very good physical health with minimum height is 125 cm. Second ride is Transformers the Ride: The Ultimate 3D Battle will make you feel like in the movie scene. Finally, you are sent to the battle with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Sidewsipe, and Wheelie to fight Megatron.

2. Street Performance

Hollywood Dreams Parade Universal Studios Singapore

Can you imagine that fictional characters of the movie come to real life? Make sure you don’t miss their special street performance called Hollywood Dreams Parade. This parade features the popular characters from popular Hollywood movies like Madagascar, Revenge of the Mummy, Jurassic Park, and Shrek. Watch out the roaring dinosaurs from Jurassic Park will come to approach you! The famous Hollywood figures of 1950s, Marilyn Monroe, will great you with her iconic style and blow you a kiss. Don’t forget to blow her a kiss too! In addition, the worldwide icon of comedian, Charlie Chaplin, will also entertain you with his pantomime and penny-farthing ride performance.

3. Universal Studios Singapore Shows

movie special effect show universal studios singapore

There are some recommended shows in Universal Studios Singapore. First, Lake Hollywood Spectacular! It is a mesmerizing fireworks show and harmonized by beautiful musical score. This is the perfect option to spend your night with the beloved one and feel the romantic vibes with the sparkling night sky. Next, you should watch WaterWorldTM. This is a live water show based on the movie “Waterworld”. Feel the tense of stunts performance and attractions on the tidal wave. Third recommended show is “Lights, Camera, Action! Hosted by Steven Spielberg”. If you’re a fan of Steven Spielberg movie, you’d better don’t miss this show. This show will captivate you with the movie special effects. Steven Spielberg will briefly explain about the sound stage and special effect on a video projection screen.

4. Meet the Stars

Sesame Street Universal Studios Singapore
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It’s a chance to get closer to popular figures and icons of Hollywood in Hollywood Walk of Fame. Let’s meet the iconic Marilyn Monroe and Woody Woodpecker along Hollywood Boulevard and don’t forget to take picture with them. Besides, the Minions from Despicable Me, Elmo from Sesame Street, Puss in Boots, and Kitty Softpaws are ready to play with you. Get a nice pose and take pictures with them. In addition, Autobots from Transformers like Optimus Prime and Bumblebee are always ready to pose with you. Shrek and Princess Fiona will also invite you to experience Royal Ogre fairy tale. Take a chance to get closer to Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park as well

5. Merchandise Shopping

Merchandise Store Universal Studios Singapore

There are several gift stores offer the official merchandises of Universal Studios Singapore. The shops mostly sell souvenirs, apparels, toys, dolls, and stationery. Many cute items are available like anything about Hello Kitty, Minions, Sesame Street, Penguin of Madagascar, Jurassic Park, Transformers, and Ancient Egypt. Every shop has different theme, for example if you want to buy Dinosaurs themed merchandise, you have to go to Jurassic Outfitters or The Dino-Store. All stores are set neatly, well-arranged, and look so colorful. No wonder it will bewitch you to enter the stores. However, you might prepare more money because the price is relatively more expensive.

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