6 Jeju Signature Dishes You Can’t Miss! [Things to do]

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6 Jeju Signature Dishes You Can’t Miss! [Things to do]
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Nowadays, South Korea has captivated young travelers hearts by its nature and ever-growing entertainment industries. But, beside those charms, don’t you know that Korea has other things that will please your tummy? Yep! It’s Korean food! These days, thanks to Korean Drama and Hallyu Wave, there are so many Korean restaurants all over the world. I bet you have heard such names like kimchi jjigae, bibimbap, and naengmyeon. These are Korean representative dishes, so it’s obvious that many people ever heard about those dishes. But have you ever feel curious how do Korean regional foods taste like, like foods from Jeju for example? Jeju is Korean tourism paradise. You can compare it with US’ proud Hawaii or Indonesia’s precious Bali for example. This island is the biggest island in southern Korean peninsula. Just like any other region in Korea, Jeju has its signature dishes which its tastiness can never be compared! These are 6 Jeju Signature dishes you can’t miss!

1. Bomal Sujebi


Sujebi is Jeju signature dishes which contents of hand-teared dumpling skins cooked in clean broth along with various vegetables. While bomal is kind of small turban shells which can be found along Jeju coastline. The perfect combination of bomals’ freshness and the broth’s savory taste will blow your mind away!

2. Heukdwaeji Yeontan Gui


Just like any other East Asia country, South Korean people were really fond of pork based dishes. So it will be a waste if you visit Korea but don’t get to taste Korean pork dishes. But this Heukdwaeji Yeontan Gui is really special because not like any other pork dishes in Korea, this dish use black pig meat; a certain species of pig which only can be found in Jeju Island. This black pig meat is cut into big and thick slices then roasted in a medium heat which will make the meat tender and full of taste.

3. Malgogi


Have you ever wondered how does horse meat taste like? Now you can find out in Jeju! Malgogi in English is literally horse meat; mal is horse, while gogi is meat. If you ever eat horse meat before, you must know that this meat is a little hard, chewy, and rubbery. But you don’t have to worry about those things if you want to taste this malgogi, because not like other horse meat, in Jeju these horse meats are cooked in certain and traditional way so it won’t be hard and chewy. Instead, you will find the meats are tender and tasty!

4. Jeonbokjuk


Korean dishes are well-known with its soup, barbeque, and pork. Not many people know about Korean porridges which actually are delicious as well, especially this Jeonbokjuk porridge. Jeonbuk is a kind of abalone which Korean people love to die for and also Jeju’s main food trade commodity. This unique Jeju signature dishes is made from rice which cooked until the texture is soft with the mixture of sesame oil. After the rice porridge is ready, the fresh-from-the-sea Jeju abalone is added as topping.

5. Gaengijuk


South Korea is really famous of its seafood, especially crab. Gaengi is a kind of little crab which can be found in Jeju Sea. These crabs are not fishy when you cook it, but instead it reveals its appetizing taste. While this Gaengijuk is crab dishes which made from whole little crabs cooked in savory rice porridge which will make your tummy really happy.

6. Haemul Ttukbaegi


For Jeju people, this dish is called ‘a signature dish which represent Jeju seafood at the fullest’. Blue abalone and Tokobushi abalone which are Jeju’s main sea comodities are cooked with savory broth and Korean chili paste in a earthenware bowls called ttukbaegi until the broth is thick and full of taste.

Those are Jeju signature dishes that you cannot miss in your visit to Jeju Island in Korea! Find the dishes which match your taste and complete your unforgettable holiday in Jeju!

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