7 Most Famous Macau Foods You Shouldn’t Miss [Things To Do]

7 Most Famous Macau Foods You Shouldn’t Miss [Things To Do]
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As you may already know, Macau is a paradise for gamblers. However, it doesn’t mean that Macau is merely about gambling. Explore and discover Macau food which ready to pamper your taste. From local restaurants to street vendors are ready to serve their best products. They even offer you free samples for certain dish on the famous Macau street food as Dasanba Street. The food is combination of Chinese and Portuguese cuisines. The dishes are rich with local spices. For you who like spicy foods, sure you will get the real treat in Macau. Even though the dishes are not as spicy as Indonesian or Thai food, you should give a try for Macanese food which combine the Chinese and Portuguese best ingredients. Welcome to Macau, one of the food paradise in China.

So here we go for Macau foods, 7 most famous Macanese foods You shouldn’t miss.

1. Egg Tart

Egg tarts, Macau Egg tart, Macau food, where to eat, macau snack, macau souvenir
Egg tart (Image Credit: macaotourism)

The most famous Macau food is Portuguese egg tart. You can find this pastry everywhere from restaurants, hotels to street food vendors. This pastry is combination of flaky and crusty on the shell and sweet egg custard in the inside. While on the top of this pastry finished with a charred glaze which give unique taste.

It’s best to be eaten warm but it doesn’t stop the tourist to bring it back home as delicious treats from Macau.

When it comes to egg tart in Macau, it will deliver us to one of the most famous bakery named Lord Stow’s Bakery. They have become Macau’s icon for egg tart and attract visitors who come to Macau for the first time to buy their boxed product.

2. Almond Cookies

Almond Cookies, Macau Food, macau Snack, what to eat in macau, free food in macau
Almond Cookies (Image Credit: varuninamdar)

You shouldn’t miss Macau’s signature almond cookies. This classic Macau pastry has gritty texture and nutty flavor. It’s not too sweet, you can still taste a slight savoury taste. The perfect combination of almond cookies and the melt-in-your-mouth texture.

The best-known places to buy them is at Koi Kei Bakery which has numerous branches throughout Macau. But surely you can taste the samples from Macau food stall at Rua do S. Paulo or Dasanba Street.

3. Bakkwa

Bakkwa, Bak kwa, Macau Bak kwa, Jerky, Macanese Jerky, Macau Jerky, chinese jerky, Macau free food
Chinese jerky: Bakkwa (Image Credit: stylemnl)

Bakkwa also known as Rougan is Chinese jerky which popular in Macau. It is a salty-sweet dried meat which resemble jerky but the texture is smoother. This texture probably is the result of higher moisture content. Compared to English or American jerky, the Chinese jerky has more sugar and salt. Bakkwa is pretty tasty even without using heavy sauce. Not only pork, they also have some variant as beef, mutton, and chicken which prepared in different styles.

It’s easy to find this Chinese jerky on the route from Senado Square to St. Paul’s Ruins along the way through Rua de Sao Paolo. There are a lot food stalls sell this Chinese delicacy and you may sample before you buy.

4. Serradura, Macanese Sawdust

serradura, macanese food serradura pudding, macau desert, Macau Food
Four Seasons Hotel Macao Serradura (Image Credit: lajollamom)

Set aside your diet program while you are in Macau and try the Macanese sawdust, Serradura. Served as a chilled pudding or ice cream, this layered dessert consist of fine crushed sweet biscuits which resemble sawdust, cream, condensed milk and vanilla.

5. Pork Chop Bun

Pork Chop Bun, Macau Pork Chop Bun, Tai Lei Loi Kei, Macau Food
Famous Macau Pork Chop Bun (Image Credit: danielfooddiary)

Pork Chop bun come on the next list of the most famous Macau food you shouldn’t miss. This is one of favorite dish by the local since 60’s. The texture is crunchy in the outside, while marinated pork fillet is incredibly juicy tender inside. You will love bitting the boneless pork chop wedged in between perfectly-toasted buns. Different from a hamburger bun, the pork chop bun serve without lettuce or any other frill inside.

The famous one is Tai Lei Loi Kei. The customer used to wait in line to taste their pork chop bun. But sure it worth every second and every calories.

6. Bacalhau

Bacalhau, Macau Food, Macanese food, macau snack
Macanese Bacalhau (Image Credit: thatbestbite)

Bacalhau refers to dried and salted cod fish in Macau. This dish be prepared in many different ways, but the most common one is fried Bacalhau in small balls shape. Every restaurant has their own style on preparing Bacalhau, you can find Bacalhau being baked, grilled, stewed, or boiled. Be Sure to try each version of Bacalhau.

7. Michi

Minchi, minchee, Macau food, macau favourite food
Macau’s national dish: Minchi (Image Credit: casino.org)

This dish derived its name from English word ‘minced’. Minchi or Minchee is a Macanese dish which minced pork or beef cooked with potatoes, onions, egg, soy sauce and peppers. You may find some different version of Minchi but usually they come from minced meat, potatoes, onions with a fried egg on top of it. The meat sometimes be replaced with vegetables or fish as well. This simple dish is often served with rice.

Whatever you do in Macau whether for business or pleasure, dare yourself to explore Macau food. Walk into any local restaurant and order this delicacy considered as Macau’s national dish.

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