5 Relatively Family Friendly Bali Beach Club [Tips & Tricks]

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5 Relatively Family Friendly Bali Beach Club [Tips & Tricks]
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Bali saw enormous growth in family-styled resorts for the past few years. And so attracting more tourists to bring the whole family for a Bali vacation. Sometimes parents want to have a nice chilling out time without need to worrying about their kids. Going to the beach club may be the best solution. While bringing kids to beach club may concern most parents, there are several places that can be fairly categorized as family friendly. Although we could say that there is no 100% kid friendly beach club in Bali, these lists can provide insights for your next Bali beach club outing.

1. Finn’s Beach Club

Finns Beach Club Lounge
Image source: Finn’s Beach Club

The beach club is located in 170 meters long area at the beachfront of Berawa Beach in Canggu. Finn’s Beach Club aspiring to be environmentally friendly, incorporating the usage of bamboo, stones and wood in its structure. The beach club can be pretty friendly for kids since they provide a rather large swimming pool. Several activities like bocce and volleyball are also available for your kids. The best part is, it’s free of charge for general entry. Bean bag or day bed can be booked with minimum spend varying from IDR250,000 up to IDR1,600,000.

2. Potato Head Bali Beach Club

Potato Head Bali Beach Club
Image source: Potato Head

Perhaps the most celebrated beach club in the island, Potato Head offers mixture of fantastic beach view and delicious food while maintain an intensely focus on art. You can feel the presence of art in every element of the beach club, from the architecture to the food. From what we see, it is what make this place stands out. When parents spend time on their daybeds, at the same time kids can swim in the pool enjoying the sunset. Minimum spend of IDR500,000 required for entry to the beach club.

3. WooBar at W Retreat Seminyak

Image source: W Bali

Most beach clubs are integrated with bar, indoor and outdoor restaurant, swimming pool or access to the resort’s exclusive beach, so does the WooBar. The architecture of the beach club involved a massive swimming area with curvaceous wave-shaped pool, reminding us to the image of ocean. We can lay down on day bed provided at the “sandy area” to enjoy the view of Seminyak Beach. The fantastic swimming pool and the resort’s exclusively owned sandy beach sure will be the best playground for kids. Aside from the facility, WooBar also provides kids meal in the menu. For entry we need to spend IDR1,000,000 with complementary pool access and plush daybeds.


4. Sundays Beach Club

Image source: Sundays Beach Club

Sunday Beach Club is a typical south-coast Bali beach club that facing the wide Indian Ocean. Hence the beaches are mostly covered in white sandy beach and breathtaking view of cliffs on every side. Guest can relax with cool tunes in the background and order foods or beverage while enjoying view of Bali’s finest scenery. Here you can also do many water sport activities with kids, like kayaking and stand up paddle that only available during low tide. In addition, we can also snorkel in the astonishing crystal clear lagoon. Entry start from IDR50,000 for children under 12 years old and IDR300,000 for adult. The entry are all inclusive of inclinator access, towel and IDR150,000 food and beverage credit.

5. Karma Bali Beach Club

Image source: Karma Beach Club

Several miles apart from Sundays Beach Club, you can find Karma Beach Bali. The beach is privately owned by Karma Kandara, one of the most renowned resorts in the island. The perfect place when you desire refreshing view of the ocean in the secluded lush greenery. The beach club offers various activities like yoga, stand up paddle, kayaking or snorkeling. Besides, kids can have their own fun time here! The resort’s Three Monkeys Kids Club is ready to attend your kids for special treats including arts, crafts, and baking classes. To enter the beach club, we need to pay IDR500,000 entrance fee, including IDR300,000 food and beverage credit.

Bonus: Jungle Fish Ubud

Image source: Jungle Fish

Hearing the name you may wonder, “there’s no way we could find beach in Ubud, isn’t it?” Indeed, you are right. Just like its jargon, the “no beach” beach club offers a new experience of dining and swimming in the middle of Ubud jungle. Most noteworthy is that the place offers a magnificent infinity pool with jungle in the background and yummy foods in a rather affordable price! One thing you must note is that you need to put extra care to your kids when they are swimming in the pool. Hence this place deserves a place on the list. Entry start from IDR75,000 for child age 6-12 years old and IDR150,000 for adult.




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