5 Traveling Tips to Singapore for Newbie [Tips & Tricks]

holiday tips to Singapore for newbie
5 Traveling Tips to Singapore for Newbie [Tips & Tricks]
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Singapore is undoubtedly one of the most popular holiday destinations. Perhaps the foreign travelers, especially newbie, will find many problems due to the differences. It could be the cultural differences including language, usage, custom, or rules. Each country has its own rules and habits. Those could be completely different from rules and habits in Singapore. It is necessary for you to learn some unique habits and rules in Singapore to avoid so-called cultural shock. Here is the traveling tips to Singapore for newbie to make your holiday convenient.

1. Singapore Electricity Plug and Socket

Singapore Plug and Socket
Source: Befree Tour

Gadget or electronic device is one of essential items to bring during holiday, especially camera and hand phone. And you will need to re-charge the battery as well. The type of power plug and socket use in each country can be different. Singapore uses socket type G. Some countries known for using this type of socket are United Kingdom, Malaysia, Ireland, and Malta among others. The type G socket has 3 grounded pins and it is only compatible with plug type G. Meanwhile, the standard voltage in Singapore is 230V with frequency 50Hz. It is necessary to learn about the electricity so that you can prepare a compatible adapters for your devices.

2. Escalator Rule: Keep Left!

Singapore escalator rule
Source: Befree Tour

Singapore people are used to walking quickly because they are mostly busy people. Therefore, it is common if they seem in a rush especially in busy public places like airport and MRT stations. If you are not in hurry, please keep left. The right side is only for people in a rush. This rule is not written and sometimes foreign tourists are mistaken about it because the escalator rule in most countries requires them to stand on the right side. Therefore, you should stand on the left side if you don’t want someone else admonishes you.

3. Just Read!

Read Singapore map
Source: Befree Tour

You probably will get lost if you have no idea about where to go or what to do in other country. In some countries, especially in South East Asia, asking for information or directions to local people is a common thing. They mostly will answer with a pleasure. However, it is not applicable in Singapore. It is not about the low hospitality, but Singapore is closed to reading culture. They rarely talk to strangers. Therefore, you should bring your map (including transportation routes) in order to get the right directions. In addition, the maps are provided in public places for example in MRT Stations.

4. Big “NOs”

Singapore rule
Source: Befree Tour

Singapore is well-known for its strict rules. You can find many unusual bans and probably you will think that they are such a weird rules. Actually they do it strictly because it is part of discipline in Singapore. Chewing gum is strictly banned in Singapore due to the cleanliness consideration and only permitted for medical purpose. Penalty for the offense is a SGD 100,000 fine. Next, please no smoking in public areas or you have to pay SGD 1000 fine. Other thing you should notice is the rule in public transportation. You are not permitted to eat and drink on public transportation. Therefore, if you feel hungry please stop by the nearest cafe or restaurant. If you forget to bring mineral water, you don’t need to worry because tap water facilities are provided in public places.

5. No Feeding Pigeons

No tossing breadcrumb to pigeon in Singapore
Source: Befree Tour

In some European countries, United States, and Australia, you will find many pigeons gather and fly around city square. People are used to playing with the pigeon by tossing the grain or leftovers to them. However, you simply can’t do it in Singapore. Feeding pigeons is not permitted in Singapore. It sounds weird and perhaps you will think “How could you do this to such those cute animals?” Well, it actually has particular consideration which refers to hygiene or cleanliness reason. The grains or breadcrumbs you toss to them will become litter on the ground. Besides, this ban can control the population of the pigeons in Singapore. So, you should think it first or you will be fined SGD 500.

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