5 Ways to Make Money On The Road [Tips & Tricks]

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5 Ways to Make Money On The Road [Tips & Tricks]
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Well, this post is purely based on my personal experience and observations. I began traveling at the age of seventeen and since then it opened a new world for me. From that point on, I started to do something I am truly passionate about: making money while maintaining my personal food-traveling blog. Yeah, I won’t have to worry about spending my savings, because I can also earn my living. There are lot to think when you make money while traveling. Actually it’s not difficult at all as it just need a bit of creativity, unconventional thinking and of course strong willingness. Well, If you still think the cost of traveling is prohibitive, this post is for you. Without further ado here are 5 ways to make money on the road:

1. Work Online To Help You Make Money On The Road

You can say working online is the coolest way to earn a living. These days the internet has allowed businesses to employ people all over the world when traditionally they could only employ people in the same country or even city. If you’re creative enough, skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. and you have a good eye for design and typography, then you should offer yourself as Graphic Designer. If you’re a skilled programmer or web developer, look online for freelance jobs as a Website Developer. Also you can be blogger, freelance writer, or E-Book writer if you’re passionate in writing and so on, something that related to your passion and capability.

Explore the world, explore the internet, and find out that works. The pay itself will depends on your quality, niche, and negotiation skill, but remember getting higher rate does take time. The good news is, working in these fields can be done anywhere in the world, affording you the freedom to travel whenever and wherever you want.

Work Online 5 Ways to Make Money On The Road

2. Tour Guiding

You can apply as a freelance guide at travel agencies that sell packaged tours to travelers. Especially during high season there is always higher demand for tour guides. You only need a good language skill, such as English, Chinese, French, etc and share the passion and show travelers what and why you love the city you’re living in. Leading tours has been the perfect way to see amazing sights, meet people from all over the world and make friends with more people all over the world. It will create great emotion for you, because you can help people to have wonderful holidays while keep exploring new places and having fun at the same time. On top of everything you will get paid to travel! It sounds good.

Tour Guiding 5 Ways to Make Money On The Road

3. Travel Photographer

If you own a camera and basic knowledge of how to snap a great picture, then you should try to be a travel photographer. Before becoming a travel photographer, make sure to build a professional portfolio on some sites, you can google it on the internet. Being a Travel Photographer is possible in some countries, but obviously it will depend on your skills and experience. To be a travel photographer you need to have strong visual analysis, strong social skills, and optimism.

Travel Photographer 5 Ways to Make Money On The Road

4. Restaurant or Hotel Work

If you’re in a popular travel destination, you can ask the hotel staff if they know of any restaurants, hotel, or cafe that hire travelers. You can be paid with some extra money or exchange for a free stay and food. But, remember this is fine if you’re only looking for a way to extend your stay and make money on the road, but if you’re looking to actually save some money, then it is not the best choice.

Cafe Work 5 Ways to Make Money On The Road

5. Work on Cruise Ships

Work on Cruise Ships is an excellent way to earn good money while getting a taste of the world. The good thing is food and lodging is provided, you have no expenses during that time. And it is varied, covering a range of international cuisines, plentiful and quite decent on most ships. Your working hours will depend on the position but in general it can range from 4 hours per day to 10+ hours per day.

Work On Cruise Ships 5 Ways to Make Money On The Road

Make money on the road is a new way for those who desire flexibility in their life. Knowing that things are always changing, there are always new way for getting such work, especially in this era of internet advancement. There are so many different ways, it will require you great effort for sure but opportunities are countless. With a little research and struggle, you could soon be on the other side of the world in a matter of months, earning good money, and exploring amazing places you’ve always wanted. Life is too short, so do the things that you’re passionate about and say yes to new adventures!




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